About Us


Lives of the Mind (LoM) explores the passions and pursuits of Quad Citizens who live their lives by their interests through meaningful conversations that cultivate curiosity and encourage lifelong learning. The podcast is an Augustana College student-run project recorded and produced at the Doris and Victor Day Broadcast Center in cooperation with WVIK, Quad Cities NPR.

A student-run podcast since 2017

Christian Elliott and Maura Karr interview Dr. Adam Kaul

Originally part of Augustana’s Austin E. Knowlton Honors Program, LoM now functions as an officially-recognized independent student organization. Through a new relationship with WVIK, the podcast’s focus has expanded from sharing Augustana College liberal arts professors’ research with the campus to recording the ideas and stories (the “lives of the mind”) of professors, alumni, and community leaders with the entire Quad Cities community.

For students, the podcast provides an opportunity to form personal relationships with faculty, alumni, and interesting Quad Citizens, and go above and beyond program expectations by conducting interviews in a professional setting and recording, editing, and producing high-quality podcast episodes at an NPR station. For professors, alumni, and community leaders, the podcast provides a platform to share the good work and interesting research they do in the community every day.

Currently, new Lives of the Mind podcast episodes are released monthly. You can also follow the podcast on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and updates, and contact student production managers anytime to get involved or share ideas via email at livesofthemind@augustana.edu.

Meet the podcasters

Augustana students (freshmen through seniors) control the production process. Students do extensive research on guests, then schedule and co-host the interviews at WVIK’s studios.

Ethan Conley-Keck

Year: Senior
Majors: Religion major, Anthropology and Chinese minors
Role: Producer
Why LoM?
“I joined after Dr Zargar asked me to help out editing the podcast my sophomore year. Since then I’ve loved getting to meet some really interesting people.”
Other favorite podcasts?
My favorite podcast is Dissect, an in depth music podcast.


Christian Elliott

Year: Junior
Majors: Anthropology and Environmental Studies majors, Computer Science minor
Role: Production Manager
Why LoM?
“I’ve been fascinated by podcasts for a while, and when Dr. Zargar invited me to participate as an honors student my sophomore year I jumped aboard. I love the podcast’s focus on interdisciplinarity and lifelong learning, and I’ve had a fantastic time this year establishing us as a student group and forging an exciting new relationship with WVIK this year with Ethan’s help.”
Other favorite podcasts?
“So many! To learn something, 99% Invisible, Invisibilia, and The Familiar Strange. For fun, Critical Role, Night Vale, and Limetown.”