Sneak Peak at Season 2

Welcome back, everyone!

The school year is beginning next week, and that means that Lives of the Mind will be back shortly with a new season. This upcoming season was already started back in May, and we have some very exciting interviews to share with you. There will everything from paleontology to the Oscars. We will talk to some amazing guests like Dr. Amanda Tiffany who is an alumnus from Augustana College who works with the CDC. Dr. Rebecca Heick also does health, however, she does more Public Policy, and she will discuss her various careers in health and disaster fields. We will also hear from Dr. Kelsey Arkle who works as a conservation paleobiologist. These women are just a few of the exciting episodes we have ready, and there will be more to come. Please let us know if there is anyone you want to hear from or any topics that you want us to investigate. New episodes will begin streaming soon!

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